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This summer, we've been making steady progress towards completing our digital archive, both for the magazine and the HOPE conferences. It's been a long time coming.

Volume 35 of The Hacker Digest is now complete and available in a variety of digital formats. This is a special book format compilation of the issues of 2600 from 2018. It comes with enhanced photography and an explanation of all the covers. You can get it in PDF or EPUB format, each completely DRM-free. It's also available for the Kindle and the Nook. Click this link to see all the options.

This leaves us with only one year to encode (Volume 24 from 2007) which will be completed later this month. If you want to be among those who get ALL of the published digests, past, present, and future, then consider the lifetime option.

We reached another milestone this month by making one more of our conferences available digitally. This time it was The Fifth HOPE from 2004, which you can now get on flash drive (full set) and as downloadable MP4s (individually). (We're sorry this took so long, but every time we started to encode one of them, we just couldn't stop watching it.)

This project will also conclude this month when we encode the last remaining conference. You can explore everything that's available here as well as on YouTube (but be prepared to become highly annoyed with their limitations and restrictions every time someone even thinks of something that's copywritten).

We're honored to be able to preserve and share all of this history. Please help support our efforts so we can make more of it.